Group Collaboration Plan

Posted: Wednesday, September 10th
Due: Tuesday, September 16th, 11:59PM
Point Total: This assignment is worth approximately 2% of your project grade (1% overall).

Your team assignments are here and the peer evaluations of the project pitches are here.

Assignment Overview

The goals of this assignment are to:
  • Provoke a discussion about teamwork with your new team
  • Have you think about and share with your teammates what you feel your strengths and weaknesses will be on the project
  • Have you put together a brief collaboration plan (e.g., setup weekly meetings, share each others' emails)

The Report

The report should be one page. You should use a 10- or 11-point serif font for the prose typeface. You should choose and be consistent with heading fonts. The document layout should be single column.

Section 1: Summary of Team Members

List team member along with primary contact information. Summarize each team member's previous team work experience, design experience, programming experience, and internship experience. Summarize self-professed strengths and weaknesses.

Section 2: Define an Effective Team

Collectively, I want you to define what makes for an effective team. What are some key attributes? This should be 3-4 sentences at most.

Section 3: Collaboration Plan

Compose a collaboration plan. Schedule at least one weekly meeting for status updates and progress reports. How will you work together as a team? How do you plan to divide up the labor? Will you elect/define a leader or organize in a more egalitarian fashion? Who will take responsibility for turning in the reports?

Section 4: Primary Goal This Semester

Finally, I want a one sentence primary goal for your team and the project. This is your overarching aim for the semester, which should be collaboratively written and agreed to by all.


You will submit your one-page PDF report to Canvas. We will deduct 20% for each page over the limit (prorated for partial pages).