Posted: Tuesday, December 2
Due: Tuesday, December 9, 7AM

UI Evaluation

  1. Required. Chapter 10 "Usability Testing" from Lazar, Feng, Hochheiser's book Research Methods in Human-Computer Interaction (2010). [link]

  2. Optional. Brian Christian, The A/B Test: Inside the Technology That's Changing the Rules of Business, WIRED2012 [official link].

  3. Optional. Chapter 12 "Introducing Evaluation" from the Interaction Design textbook by Rogers et al. [link]

Color and typography play such an important but often subtle role in interaction design. If you want to go into greater depth, I provided a few additional readings on color and typography here.

No Reading Response

There is no reading response for this assignment; however, content from this reading assignment will be on the next quiz, which will likely focus on visual design (e.g., basic color theory, aspects of typography) and UI evaluation.