Posted: Tuesday, November 25
Due: Tuesday, December 2, 7AM

Color and Typography

  1. Required. Chapter 4 "Color" of Colin Ware's book Visual Thinking for Design, 2008 [source link].

  2. Required. Chapter 7 "Using Visual Elements - Background, Color, and Text" of Nancy Duarte's book Slide:ology - The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations, 2008 [source link]. Though this book was written for creating talk slides for presentations, I think Nancy's descriptions and explanations of visual design principles (and the use of color, typography, layout) are some of the most straightforward and organized of any that I've come across. Such concepts are obviously relevant to UI design as well. Plus, double bonus, you can learn about making cool talk slides from this reading (I highly recommend the entire book).

Color and typography play such an important but often subtle role in interaction design. If you want to go into greater depth, I provided a few additional readings on color and typography here.

No Reading Response

There is no reading response for this assignment; however, content from this reading assignment will be on the next quiz, which will likely focus on visual design (e.g.,basic color theory, aspects of typography) and some UI evaluation.