Posted: Thursday, October 23
Due: Thursday, October 30, 7AM

Android Programming and UI Building Readings

  1. Required: A two-part tutorial on Building a Simple User Interface and Starting Another Activity. We essentially did part one in class on Tuesday, Oct 21st. You can download the code here and watch a video about how to load and run it in Android Studio. We did not do the 2nd part (Starting Another Activity), however, and you will need to do this for IA05 (to be able to launch the settings screen and any secondary views that you have).

  2. Required:, UI Overview. The User Interface section of the Android Developer Guide is quite large, so I just want you to read the UI Overview (a few paragraphs) and then peruse/explore the other subsections. I encourage you to look at Layouts, Input Controls, Styles and Themes, and Settings as this will be helpful for IA05. However, the best way to learn about these things is to dive in and try them in Android Studio!

  3. Optional:, Application Fundamentals [source link]. We do not have time in this class to go over Android programming in general but I encourage you to read this page because it explains the core aspects of Android including Activities and Intents (both of which you will use in IA05).

No Reading Response

There is no reading response for this assignment; however, content from the readings will be on the midterm. Specifically, for the exam, I expect you to have an understanding of the Android UI builder, the common Android widgets, a basic understanding of the XML structure (e.g., how to specify layouts, sizes, hook up events), how to implement your own View (override the onDraw method, draw lines, shapes, and text to screen), and a basic understanding of why Android discourages absolute pixels to define distances/sizes (link).