Posted: Tuesday, October 7
Due: Tuesday, October 14, 7AM
Point Total: Reading responses are worth 5% of your total grade.


  1. Required: Chapter 1: The Psychopathology of Everyday Things in Don Norman, The Design of Everyday Things, Revised 2013 edition [source link].

  2. Required: Section 1.6 in Rogers, Sharp, & Preece, What is Interaction Design, Chapter 1, Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction, 2011. [source link].

R08 questions/provocations:
  1. What does Norman say are two of the most important characteristics of good design? Explain each.

  2. According to Norman, what are the six fundamental principles of interaction? Provide a one sentence definition of each.

  3. According to Norman, what is the difference between a signifier and an affordance? Give a design example from your own experience.

  4. According to Rogers, Sharp, & Preece, what is the difference between usability goals and user experience goals?

  5. Rogers, Sharp, & Preece describe six usability goals from efficiency to safety to memorability. What is "utility" and how would you measure this for your team project application?