Posted: Tuesday, September 23
Due: Tuesday, September 30th, Before Class

Reading: slide:ology

Next week, you will be presenting your project presentation (for TA03). A successful presentation takes practice, careful planning, good oration, and confidence. I've reviewed many "how to give a talk" resources and this book is one of my favorites. I suggest you review it in preparation for your presentation--it's not a bad resource to keep around for your careers as well (as many of you will undoubtedly have to give presentations where ever you end up). The book also covers important concepts about visual design that we will cover later in the semester.

Note: this reading is optional and is meant to help you prepare for TA03. Also, as I tell my graduate students, you can give an awesome talk without slides, but you can give a horrible talk with awesome slides. In other words, focus on your talking points and how to communicate them; the slides should be supplementary.
  1. Optional: Nancy Duarte, slide:ology, O'Reilly Media, 2008 [safari online link].

No Reading Response

There is no reading response for this assignment. Some content may be on quizzes and midterm but I would let you know specifically beforehand.