Posted: Monday, September 8
Due: Thursday, September 11th, 7AM
Point Total: Reading responses are worth 5% of your total grade.

For this reading response, we have one assigned video:
  1. ABC News Video, IDEO and Design (The Shopping Cart Redesign Video), Nightline, July, 1999 [source link] Note: some students have had trouble watching this in their browser. I suggest downloading it and watching with VLC.

R03 questions/provocations:
  1. What were the most compelling/thought provoking parts of this video and why?

  2. How do IDEO teams work together? Do you think this is an effective strategy? Why or why not? Have you worked at an internship that uses a similar approach? Describe.

  3. Why is observation important to design? Use examples from the video in your answer.

  4. How is innovation encouraged at IDEO? Use examples from the video in your answer.

  5. Critique the final shopping cart design. What were its benefits over a traditional design? What were some limitations?

Reminder of What a Reading Response Is
Each answer should be at most three sentences* and can be in bullet-point form. The responses are graded from 1-10. A 10 will be awarded to responses with clear depth of thought, a demonstrated understanding of the reading material, and relevance to the stated questions/provocations. Please number your answers to correspond to the questions/provocations.

Note: you will be able to see your peer's responses after you submit. Bear this in mind as you write. Content from all assigned readings/videos will be included in quizzes and the midterm exam.

*A student just emailed to ask if I meant to say at least three sentences per answer. No, I meant three at most. Given the number of students in this class, it's important that you keep your answers short and to-the-point. In this case, quality over quantity. Think of the adage: I would have written a shorter letter but I ran out of time (link). Concision takes time and thought, verbosity, comparatively, often does not.

This is the last time I will post this reminder.