Posted: Monday, September 1
Due: Tuesday, September 9th, Before Class


  1. Required: Lewis and Rieman, The Task-Centered Design Process. Task-Centered User Interface Design (1994). [official link]

  2. Optional: Usability Professionals' Association, What is User-Centered Design? [official link]

Reading Response

There is no reading response for this assignment; however, this reading will be on our first quiz and on the midterm. In addition, though the reading is quite old (from 1994!), it is extremely relevant to what is now called "human-centered design." It also provides a nice high-level snapshot of the process we will be pursuing in this class with the group projects:
  • choose representative tasks for task-centered design
  • plagiarize
  • rough out a design
  • think about it
  • create a mock-up or prototype
  • test it with users
  • iterate
  • build it
  • track it
  • change it