Pitch Feedback and Voting

Due: Tuesday, September 9th, 11:59PM
Point Total: This assignment is worth approximately 1.3% of your overall grade.

Assignment Overview
This assignment has three parts:
  1. Read through your assigned project pitches. We randomly selected the titles/abstracts that you were assigned. Each student must review two project pitches.
  2. Review your assigned project pitches using the Google Doc evaluation form that we created
  3. Read through as many other project pitches as you would like and then rank your top three favorites.

Please read the pitches carefully. Your votes matter. You will be working on one of the following projects throughout the rest of the semester.

1. Project Pitches

Matt and I pre-screened the following project pitches based on the same evaluation metrics that you will use in your own reviews: feasibility, originality, coolness factor, appropriate use of a sensor, and overall quality. You can view your assigned reviews on the assignment sheet.

  1. GPS One Button Coffee Shop Locator
  2. College Trading App-Specifically Designed For Textbooks and Dorm room things
  3. Song Writer on-the-go
  4. Find me if you can!
  5. Location Based Pandemic Game
  6. Using Geolocation to Express Creativity in a Fun way
  7. Custom Cartographer
  8. Enhancing crime protection and crime prevention at the University of Maryland College Park
  9. Build the Most Intricate Structure out of Humans and Compete with Others with the HumanTower App
  10. Location Aware App Launcher
  11. A GPS Powered Race Against Your Friends
  12. Enhancing outdoor entertainment and pastimes using a mobile device
  13. Giving Gamers a Reason to Go Out
  14. Virtual Exploration in Real Life
  15. Resolving Campus Issues through Mobile Reporting
  16. Visualizing Crime Reports
  17. Quadcopter Route Navigation
  18. Find Buried Treasure and Visit Cool Landmarks with PirateMap App
  19. Exercise Through Lightsaber Smartphones
  20. Finding the Cheapest and Most Convenient Ride Home
  21. Music Maker
  22. Mark the World Through Physical Movement

2. Project Pitch Evaluation Form

For each of your assigned project pitches, you must fill out this evaluation form. Note: you can also fill out additional review forms for as many project pitches as you would like but you must complete your assigned reviews.

3. Rank Your Top Three Favorite Project Pitches

Finally, read/skim other project pitches and rank your top three pitches by filling out this **other** evaluation form.

This ranking will be used to coordinate group forming. We cannot guarantee that you will be placed into a group that you ranked within your top three but we will try our best. In the cases of ties, we will give priority based on timestamp (earlier is better). If we cannot assign you to one of your top three choices, we will place you on a team that seems closest to your interests. If you have a very compelling reason to be on a team with a particular individual in the class, please email me and CC Matt.

Update: Voting Results and Pitch Feedback

Here are the team formations based on your votes [link] and here are the peer evaluations for the project pitches [link]

A Reliable Mobile App For Runners In Unfamiliar Territory
Bringing Craigslist ‘Free’ Items to the Needy
Controlling Twitter Hashtag Clouds with Leap Motion
Creating More Learning Opportunities through Better Tutor Matching
Delivery Food Order Coordinator for Cheaper Delivery Fees and Minumum Order Fulfillment
English-Language Photo Decoration Site (Photobooth) in the Style of Japanese Purikura
Fractal Drawing on Android Phones and Tablets
Geo-Sharing: A Mobile Application
Graphical Interface for Reading and Writing Notes on Novels
Inspiring Young People to Litter Less through Waste Disposal Awareness
Playing Piano Wherever A Kinect Is Available
Providing Emigrants Safe and Comfortable Property Purchasing Through New Technologies
Take back our time from line with technology.
The Maestro Computer Unlock
Translated Chat: Inter-lingual Communication in the Digital Age
UMD Bus App
UMD Student Location Visualizer and Heat map
Using an Accelerometer to Monitor Weight-Lifting Exercises
Using Mobile Phones Accelerometers to Track Road Conditions
Wearable Music Visualizations