Hall of Fame/Shame

Posted: Tuesday, September 2
Due: Monday, December 1, 11:59PM
Point Total: This assignment is worth approximately 1.3% of your overall grade.


Every student must submit at least one "Interaction Design Hall of Fame/Shame (HoF/S)" throughout the semester. A HoF/S submission is a video recording of either a user interface design fail or a positive user experience. Whether a Fame or a Shame, your video should clearly articulate what design principles were used (or for Shames, not used or broken). This can be done via a voice-over or clearly marked captions (or both). Update (09/08): videos cannot be longer than one minute.

Your video should be uploaded to YouTube with a two paragraph explanation that describes the HoF/S and with a link back to this class http://cmsc434-f14.wikispaces.com/. You should submit the YouTube link along with a copy/paste of the aforementioned description to the HoF/S assignment page via Canvas. You should also tag your video on YouTube; we have one required tag: CMSC434. Note: you do not have to use your own YouTube account to upload the video, you can make a new, anonymous throw-away account for this--it's up to you.

For video recordings, you can use screen recorder software or any video camera (e.g., your smartphone). A video camera is useful to, for example, record your interactions with ATMs, parking garage ticket machines, etc. For screen recording, I like Quicktime, which has a nice built-in screen recorder (link). On a PC, I like Camtasia Studio (link).